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Masculine chaplet for mens or womens hands. This one of St Therese Little Flower of Jesus, and above the ornate cross, the radiant vintage image of Jesus. This Rosary/chaplet of 24 beads has deep ebony onyx. Virtually Unbreakable, heirloom quality chaplet wire wrapped bronze wire.This image of St Therese was hand printed, cut and set, sealed and poured by myself specifically for this rosary.

St. Therese is the mortal enemy of the spiritually lukewarm. St. Therese is a danger to those who’ve resigned themselves to spiritual mediocrity. She’s a threat to every soul that will not dare to aspire to holiness. She’s the mortal enemy of the tepid and lukewarm follower of Christ.

Devotion to St Therese calls powerful intercessor for our troubled times! Her writings and religious formation directives, take away every excuse, dismissing every good reason we can give for not being holy, for not at least striving after sanctity. She’s proof that great holiness is possible for every soul, in our own little ways. Our lack of sanctity is a matter of our own will, rather than our luck or our circumstances. In other words, Therese’s message is this: ” If we’re not holy it’s because we don’t want to be.”

A stunning, powerful chaplet calling upon an intercessor for your hand to pray with and your heart to be inspired.

This original Cameo is a unique image of St Therese in full habit holding the crucifix with roses. All cameos from Prayers by the bead are waterproof and exclusive to this shop. Each one is handcrafted, hand cut and assembled by professed religious Franciscan.

For the cameo. It began as an original image, downloaded into lightroom and edited 3x, miniaturized. Printed on acid free archival paper, heat sealed. Each image is hand cut to each frame, triple sealed allowed to set. Then glass like marine grade, epoxy is hand poured into the cameo. The process takes a minimum if 72 hours. This chaplet is uniquely designed! Measures 28″ from tip of the Cross down and around.

This St Therese Little flower of Jesus Chaplet, is a classic 24 prayer chaplet with:
Cross: 2 1/4″ Bronze Penitent cross
Gloria: 10mm faceted opalite, silver capped with 4mm faceted jade
Intercessory : 10mm opalite
Medal/Center: 1 7/8″ Hand crafted St Therese stained glass waterproof cameo
Extra medal (s): N/A
– Care instructions
– Soft cloth pouch for storage
– Brochure on history of Rosary
– Gift Box
– unbreakable warranty

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Italian crucifix, 10mm Opalite, twist circle links, bead caps, Jade, silver plate wire, St Therese Cameo


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